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Western Union appears to be a money remittance system. The Western Union agency has a wide chain of approximately 12,000 offices in the UK. Sending money has become much easier than ever before. People older than 17 years can be clients of Western Union. Conducting a transaction requires an identification document and cash or a debit card. Completing a form and paying are two simple steps. Every client is provided with a reference number. A recipient needs it to get a transfer. In addition he must have an ID card and sender’s name and country.

Any Western Union office can give out money. Besides, this unique code makes it possible to monitor the further process. Sending to a mobile phone or a banking account are other options provided by Western Union. Not all countries support the first service. But many banks cooperate with it. A cash dispense can be made within three working days. Western Union says that it offers lower fees than other numerous banks. Its professionals are at your disposal to provide a consultation. Thus there are no problems with money. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours and reviews for Western Union branches on our website.

Western Union Opening times, Western Union Reading THOMSON LOWER EARLY, 14 Asda Mall Lower Earley

Branch Western Union In Reading, 14 Asda Mall Lower Earley