Currency Exchanges opening times in Reading

In the Reading of 2 Branches, 1 companies. The biggest: Tesco Extra (2 branches).

New boiler, £0? The plumber, hairdresser and beautician who work for free [19 11 2019 05:17:53]

Haircuts for rough sleepers. Beauty treatments for cancer patients. Boilers for disabled people. A wave of specialists are providing skills – and hope – for those in needGoodwill, it appears, is in high demand. One thing all the altruists I met while researching this article have in common is that they’re on the phone the whole time. Perhaps if mobiles had been around in Robin Hood’s day he would have had one pressed constantly to his lughole. “Marion … yes, love. I’m just having a fight on a bridge with Little John … sorry, you’re breaking up, terrible reception in here, all the oaks... What, the Sheriff’s abducted you? OK, I’m coming!” Continue reading... Continue reading...

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